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Drawings of Harley Davidson

Famous Shangri La casinos operating on the territory of Georgia, Armenia, Belarus and Latvia hold the drawings of exclusive motorcycle models of Harley Davidson. Any guest who visits Shangri La on the day of the draw can take a good bike ride and make at least one bet.

Such lotteries with luxury prizes are a long Shangri La, Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International said. The casino is happy to arrange events with such special and expensive incentives for the winners. In all divisions, similar events were already held, and lucky guests left on brand-new Maserati or supplemented their account with an astronomical sum.

The Shangri La Network has been operating in the VIP niche since 1992, offering guests exceptional hospitality, a wide range of games and original themed parties. In recent years, the geographical interests of the company have become wider. In 2017, the first casino in the EU was opened - SL Casino Riga.

Exclusive prizes and big jackpots are great ways to attract guests, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. The news of Shangri La's major victories only strengthens the brand's reputation.

Each institution of the network offers its own events and parties with a unique entertainment program and prizes. These events are updated several times a season. Parallel to this, draws of smaller prizes are held. For example, slot players have a chance to get an extra jackpot once a week. Similar prizes are played out among regular players in roulette and cards. Also, the latter have monthly and quarterly lotteries with increased sizes of prizes arranged for them.

In addition, each Shangri La Casino has its own unique feature. For example, Shangri La Minsk organizes gastronomic events with culinary masterpieces of different national cuisines. And in Shangri La Yerevan, poker tournaments with a large prize fund are held.


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